Safety for our employees, our subcontractors, and our community is at the heart of our day-to-day operations at Crowder. Our company is committed to ensuring the highest level of safety on each of our jobs and has a dedicated team of safety professionals in place to make sure proper safety procedures are followed.

Though each employee is expected to follow procedures and engage in on-going training to promote a safe and healthy workplace, our safety team works to make sure all employees have the tools and knowledge to do so. Our dedicated safety team consists of:

  • Risk management specialists
  • Certified safety professionals
  • Industrial hygiene specialists
  • Field safety specialists
  • Bilingual safety specialists

Our safety professionals are committed to providing up-to-date training and programs to all of our employees to secure safe practices on the jobsite.

Industry-Leading Safety Program

Training, focus, and accountability all contribute to a safe jobsite. At Crowder, we are proud to offer our employees innovative training programs and continued education to help them stay out of harm’s way while working.

Our employees have access to both formal and informal safety training. In addition to the 10-hour and 30-hour formal OSHA classes offered, we also conduct on-site training in the field. This combination of programs provides comprehensive knowledge and keeps safety a primary focus at all times.

We encourage all of our employees to advise each other on safety techniques and even reward them for doing so. Each week, supervisors hold safety meetings with their crew to go over hazard specific safety topics. They also assist their crews with pre-task planning to help prevent hazardous situations as part of our “Stop, Think, Plan & Act” philosophy.

To further encourage employee-to-employee mentoring, our “Red Hat” program pairs new employees with experienced team members to start learning our safety procedures right off the bat. Additionally, employees are rewarded for mentoring others, recognizing hazards, and generally behaving safely through our incentive program.

By continually updating our safety standards and resources, we foster a sense of pride among our employees in staying safe at every level of our business.

Policies and Procedures

Each year, our team reviews and updates our Safety and Health Procedures to be current with our ever-changing industry. These procedures meet – and even exceed - governing standards while still being “field-friendly” so that we can complete our jobs efficiently. These guidelines cover a variety of safety topics including:

  • Excavations
  • Fall protection
  • Confined spaces
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Protective equipment
  • And many more

At Crowder, we do not compromise the safety of our employees or our jobsites. Our commitment to safety has been recognized by many governing organizations including the North Carolina Building Star Program and the Federal OSHA Voluntary Protection Program. We are proud to be honored by these programs and with the following awards:

  • AGC National Safety Excellence Award
  • Diamond STEP Award
  • ABC Award of Safety Excellence

Crowder is committed to being a safety leader in our industry and proudly promotes our safety policies and resources at every level of our company.

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