The power industry is one that has undergone -- and continues to undergo -- enormous changes. With an increased demand for energy services, a new reliance on an ever-changing palette of energy sources, and new challenges from an array of different entities and agencies, constructing power plants that are necessary to meet today's needs takes a strong and powerful leader within the industry. Crowder has a proven record that we can point to time and again, demonstrating our ability to tackle any building challenge we are faced with head on.

Robust and Experienced Teams Working Together

With our various teams working closely together, Crowder is able to deliver top-notch services across a diverse array of industries. Whether we are contracted to work on a nuclear power plant, a dam or a wastewater facility, you can count on Crowder to bring innovative solutions to the table. We have a number of teams that -- while they are within separate departments -- all work closely with one another when the parameters of the contract lend themselves to doing so. Some of these teams include electrical, energy, wastewater, and fabrication. The purpose of maintaining these teams within the structure of Crowder is to provide our customers with a continuity of quality, communication, and expertise that can be counted on.

Crowder’s Experience in Power Industries

As power plants reach the point when they must be retrofitted in order to meet demands for energy, environmental regulations or to handle new materials, Crowder is there. We perform a range of retrofits on power plants throughout the southeast region. We also provide the necessary maintenance on these existing power plants to ensure that they run as efficiently as possible while preventing costly shut-downs.

When it is time to plan a new power plant, Crowder has the ability to perform the job from start to finish. Our team works closely with regulators, site personnel, and project owners to draft a plan that meets or exceeds all minimum requirements. Procuring the site and performing the ground work necessary to give the power plant the stabilization it needs can be completed by our dedicated workforce. Our fabrication team is able to form the intricate parts necessary to ensure a properly working structure. Together, our Crowder teams work with one another -- and our customers -- to deliver timely solutions within deadline and budget.

Energy Projects

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