Alternate Delivery

Crowder utilizes a variety of different design methods to deliver results-driven solutions to our customers. Using three primary methods -- as well as an element devoted to emergency work -- we can provide workable results that meet the unique needs of each of our diverse customers. With 70 years of experience with complex projects -- each with their own distinct set of regulations and goals -- we work closely with each of our customers to devise a method that best meets their needs.


Using a team approach, design-build allows the owner, contractor, and design engineer to work together to ensure that objectives are met without costly overruns and deadline delays. An economical design that focuses on the owner's goals for construction is implemented. This allows the owner to retain a greater amount of control over the entire project. Each member of the team brings their best ideas and expertise to the table, allowing the owner to choose the ideal one. The team is able to accelerate the schedule as needed.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC)

As an EPC contractor with years of experience and an excellent reputation, Crowder is able to handle all steps of a project from conception to completion. This involves installation, design, materials procurement, and construction of the actual project. This construction work could be performed by our own teams or by trusted subcontractors. By working closely with the owner of the project, we are able to provide value-driven solutions that meet their needs.

Construction Manager At Risk (CMAR)

As a dual-role method, CMAR offers customers advantages that save both time and money. In our role as construction manager, we work closely with the owner to develop and design solutions to meet goals. As the general contractor, we complete the construction phase of the project. Our overarching goal of providing this method is to deliver a project that meets all goals for efficiency and effectiveness.

Emergency Work

Crowder always rises to the challenges that we face as we undertake projects. As the popularity of alternative delivery methods continues to increase, emergency work has unfolded. Whether it is opening the lines of communication between the owner and our team, reducing the duration of the project or some other challenge, we have a history of delivering high-quality work in a professional atmosphere. This increases cost efficiency and manages risks while staying on deadline and budget.

Alternate Delivery Projects

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