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Safety in the Summer Heat

6.07.2016 Brooke Netta

The first official day of summer is almost upon us (June 20), but we’re already feeling the heat!  Here are some tips for Safety in the Summer Heat.

Replace fluids – Remember to drink water in small amounts but frequently. Keep ample supply of cool water on hand.

Use sunscreen – Choose a sunscreen that offers “full spectrum” protection – one that protects from UVB rays and offers UVA protection as well. If the risk of bug bites is a concern, put sunscreen on first and then insect repellent.

Wear safety glasses – Wear glasses with UV protection. Your skin isn’t the only thing that needs protection from the sun. Eyes can suffer from too much sun exposure as well.

Wear light clothing – If appropriate in the work environment, wear clothing that’s light in color and that’s made out of a lightweight, breathable, non-confining fabric such as cotton.

Know the signs – Be able to recognize signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Heat exhaustion occurs when you’ve been exposed to high temperatures and you become dehydrated. Heat exhaustion can lead to heat stroke. Heat stroke results when the body’s core temperature exceeds 105 degrees and you start to lose consciousness. Call 911 and seek immediate attention if you or a co-worker becomes ill in the summer heat.

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